Kittys Clay Figurines!

Heres my Ralph on a Candy cane tree. I wanted the tree to turn out a BIT different, but its ok the way it is. The colours make me happy ^^ Ralph got glitter hair because I wanted to use brown glitter XD It looks….alright…buuuuut, Im not sure ill do it again ( I have one more figurine I used that on but no more after that) XD I found a cute Ralph expression out of a WIR book illustrated by Cory Loftis, and I loved it SO much, I used it for a few figurines of Ralph. you shall see in time ;) I made a new green colour for the taffy swamp, which I am in love with. The colours in Sugar Rush are amazing, and I want to include as many as I can in my sculpts.

So, enjoy another Sugar Rush Ralph. 

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